Multi media paintings that push the boundaries of materials

Attempting to condense concept into reality through playful archetypes and pigment. Archived here is a collection of Lucy’s paintings from the past few years.

Studies in Black

In December 2016 I moved to Melbourne, AUS. I found myself living in a house of artists above an art gallery in Brunswick and began to create a series of pieces developed from experimentations with bleaching colour from card. I went on to find myself a Studio Space and create a series of large format paintings. Three of the originals have already been sold and Prints of these pieces are spread out across the world.

Watercolour Illustration

A collection of illustrations from 2016 onwards. Some bespoke designs, some just for fun. Each piece has a story behind it’s creation as I travelled through South East Asia, Australia and the UK. The Mandala is a consistent theme through my work, as well as a psychedelic colour scheme. I like to twist reality slightly, looking at the patterns that make up our perception of the world. Our world is made of language and I try to condense that idea into my illustrations through the use of archetypes and symbology.

Black and White Sketches

Back to basic Black and White drawings are a great way to practice my drafting techniques and play around with ideas.

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