I first picked up a guitar when I was eleven years old. My elder brother gave me a Spanish Classical with nylon strings. After a few years of chord learning and much fret buzzing, the internet found its way into everybody’s home and with it came – Guitar Tabs. Since then I have been teaching myself all the songs that I love.

Playing and singing is a form of meditation for me. It’s an absolute joy to play for myself and for other people. I’ve done a few open mics and live shows and during lockdown I spent my time learning about recording and mixing.

You can find my songs on my YouTube channel.

Prima Lagu – Lucy Barritt
Prima Lagu – Lucy Barritt
Prima Lagu – Lucy Barritt
Your House – Alanis Morissette (acoustic cover)
Red Thread – Lucy Barritt
Karma Police – Radiohead (acoustic cover)
Nothing Compares 2 U – (acoustic cover)
Shine – David Gray (acoustic cover)

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