Inertia Universe

Inertia universe

Describing itself

In jetsam denim jeans

Dayglo drainpipe cityscapes 

Pin ink skin stains

We, rhesus beasts 

Drawn towards vanilla destruction

Through gloss targeted fashion ads 

Target fascination

When people jump from planes

So absorbed in concentric crimson rings

They forget to pull the parachute string

Consider the candle flame 

Conical frame 

Habitual gas release 

And we are crackling carbon patterns


Our bodies 


Molecular songs

We climbed out of genetic ponds

Into conscious oceans

Our history built on skeletal reefs

Shipwrecked ideas 

Once carrying the precious cargo

Of currant thought


Barnacled blue dust


Anchor iron paradigms

That will inevitably 


Earth may be flat

The moon, a ship

Lizards in charge 

Blue blood whip

But to know thyself is sum total relief

Everything else is just belief


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