My passion lies with the indeterminable world of consciousness.  I feel there’s a great void within western society where religion used to lie and agnosticism now dwells.   I aim to gather together various ways in which we have tried to understand our existence throughout history and within contemporary society.  I draw inspiration from Jungian psychology, mysticism, religious art and theology, psychedelic philosophy, mathematics in nature, quantum physics and the technological age.  I am reassured in my faith that there is more to life than the material world and my hope is to shine a light upon this from as many angles as possible, inviting others to not lose courage in our circumstance on this planet.

After graduating from Birmingham City University in 2012 with a bachelors degree in Fine Art, I continued my artistic education in my own unique way. In 2016 I travelled to South East Asia and spent 6 months wandering through the incredible landscape of Thailand and Vietnam. I had a tiny sketchbook in which I would make small drawings and paintings of the landscapes.

Study of a workshop in Koh Lanta – Thailand

In 2017 I moved to Melbourne in Australia and lived in a house of artists which spurred me into a flurry of creativity. I rented a studio space and created a series of works called – ‘Studies in Black’. These pieces began to cement a style of painting that is unique and emotive.

I returned to the UK in 2018 and set up a studio space in Cornwall. During this time I worked on commissioned paintings and was part of various exhibitions in Plymouth. I also started a business selling clothing and prints online. This became quite a success and sold units to the US, Europe and Australia.

In 2019 I moved to Indonesia to work on a small island just south of Singapore to manage a castaway resort. This incredible opportunity meant I had to shut the online shop until I am in a position begin posting internationally again. If you are interested in ordering a t-shirt or a print you can contact me directly and I can arrange a bespoke order.

Due to the remote nature of my location I had to readdress my creative process, having little to no space or resources to paint large format art, I began to teach myself the digital arts and since 2019 I have become quite proficient in using Photoshop to realise my inner visions. I have continued working on commissions like tattoo designs, logos and various other digital based media.

Alongside painting I have an ongoing blog – an insight into life in South East Asia. I have written and performed poetry across South East Asia and the UK on multiple occasions and spent a month living and working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018. Writing poetry is a soothing balm. It helps me to express things I struggle to realise in my waking life.

Music is unquestionably one of my favourite expressive mediums. I have been playing guitar for twenty years and have performed live for over a decade. Until recently I have mostly played covers but I am now exploring the realm of songwriting. My experience writing poetry has been invaluable in the lyrical process.

Lucy Hannah Barritt, born in 1988, has been travelling around the world for 5 years. Originally from Loughborough, a small market town in the middle of England, she graduated from Birmingham City University in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art.  A true creative – she explores the worlds of Words, Music and Art. She currently works as a freelance artist and continues to explore the world.

She is always eager to talk to other artists and collaborate on projects.  If you have a specific piece of work you would like to discuss or for commissions please feel free to contact her – here.


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